8" FlowerBox (Sample Pack - 2 of Each Color) - WildFlower Media
8" FlowerBox (Sample Pack - 2 of Each Color) - WildFlower Media
8" FlowerBox (Sample Pack - 2 of Each Color) - WildFlower Media
8" FlowerBox (Sample Pack - 2 of Each Color) - WildFlower Media
8" FlowerBox (Sample Pack - 2 of Each Color) - WildFlower Media
8" FlowerBox (Sample Pack - 2 of Each Color) - WildFlower Media

8" FlowerBox (Sample Pack - 2 of Each Color)

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FlowerBox 8" Grab & Go Vase - Two of each color: Sage Green, Jet Black, Arctic White, Cardinal Red, and Banana Cream - Some with and some without Optional Ribbon Handles & Gift Cards (Retail Pack of 10)

Are you tired of the limitations of traditional vases? Do you want a solution that adds beauty, functionality, and sustainability to your flower arrangements? Look no further than FlowerBox – the perfect waterproof paper vase designed to transform your floral experiences. Whether you're a florist aiming for exquisite designs or a customer seeking a unique touch, FlowerBox has you covered.

Unveiling the FlowerBox Difference:

Flawless Beauty, Anywhere: FlowerBox reimagines how flowers are displayed, offering a flawless canvas that enhances their natural elegance. From wedding bouquets that deserve to be remembered forever, to everyday blooms that light up your living spaces, FlowerBox's sleek design elevates the appeal of every setting.

Waterproof Wonder: Say goodbye to worries about water leaks and spills. FlowerBox boasts a waterproof construction that holds water confidently, making it the perfect choice for pool parties, weddings, and any occasion where water is involved. Your floral arrangements will stay vibrant and fresh without the mess.

Convenience Redefined: Gone are the days of struggling with bulky vases during deliveries or storage. FlowerBox's ingenious fold-flat design ensures easy transportation and minimal storage space requirements. It's a game-changer for florists and customers alike, simplifying the logistics and letting you focus on what truly matters – the beauty of the blooms.

Earth-Friendly Elegance: At FlowerBox, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our vases are crafted from recyclable materials, allowing you to make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the aesthetic benefits of our waterproof paper vase. And the best part? FlowerBox isn't a one-time deal – its durability means you can use it again and again, minimizing waste and maximizing joy.

A Love Affair: Florists and Customers Can't Get Enough

For Floral Artistry: Florists around the world have fallen head over heels for FlowerBox. Its versatile design empowers them to unleash their creativity, as FlowerBox acts as a blank canvas ready to be transformed into a masterpiece. Whether it's intricate wedding designs or captivating retail displays, FlowerBox makes every arrangement a work of art.

Customer Delight: Customers are raving about FlowerBox's unique charm. It adds a personal touch to their homes, becoming a cherished part of their decor. The fact that it's reusable only adds to its allure, making FlowerBox an investment in both aesthetics and practicality.

Experience FlowerBox Today

Whether you're a florist seeking the perfect tool for your craft or a flower lover wanting to infuse your surroundings with beauty, FlowerBox is your answer. Join the ranks of those who have embraced innovation, sustainability, and artistry, all encapsulated within one remarkable waterproof paper vase. Elevate your floral experiences – choose FlowerBox.

Discover FlowerBox. Where Beauty Blooms, Anywhere.


  • Size: 8" Tall, 5" Wide at Base, 3" Wide at Opening
  • Construction: 12-Point glossy waterproof paper stock
  • Liner: PET recyclable plastic liner. Completely waterproof. 
  • Ribbon Handle is 28" long, 100% Polyester Silk
  • Gift Card is scored and folds to 2.25" x2.25"
  • Can hold water indefinitely
  • Can stand in water without degrading

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